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October 26, 2009

New York New York!

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Well, I am back.  It was Amazing, and I love that beautiful city as much as I ever have!  This time, however, i had some “firsts!”  I stayed in Brooklyn with Gary and Katherine and the most beautiful smart little 4 month old, Isla.  The other “first” is that I went in some of the places I had dreamed of visiting!  Before I had stayed in small (yet amazing) apartments of people I knew who were just in New York for a short time.  This time it was full blown homes of people who had been in New York for years, and really are not going anywhere, so that was cool.  The places felt alot more “permanant.”  Make sense?

Either way, I am back, and armed with all kinds of interior design goodness!  We toured 8 or 9ish homes, and really got to go at our own pace and enjoy them each individually before zipping across town on a bus, cab, train, or by foot to see the next.  The organizers did a great job with showing a variety of tastes and styles, so that was cool.  Words failed us as descriptors, so we started naming each home after a beverage.  For instance one of the super trendy socialite’s homes (think mirrors, pink velvet drapes, white and black and silver, blingy) was a Flirtini.  Another one we especially loved was a gin martini up and clean.  We also visited a chardonay (kind of boring and old ladyish, but classic nonetheless), a cup of hot apple cider (Katherine’s favorite!  It was so warm and cozy and perfect), a Hurricane (Estee Lauder’s owner and boy was it over the top… OTT) …you get the picture.

We will start with some trends that stick out in my memory!  I’ll elaborate through a series of posts.  Here are some pics (starting with the fantastic footwear that we wore in the homes!  haha:

fantastic footwear

















  1. i heard yall had i great time! sounded super fun. i guess i wasn’t the only one who likes orange accents. 🙂 i’m in need of some help/advice. we need to chat.

    Comment by Laura — October 27, 2009 @ 12:13 am

  2. I really, really love that first room in the first two pictures! I love the warmth and feel of the colors and textures!

    I also like the orange chair on the circle rug and the kids bedroom!

    Comment by Erin — October 28, 2009 @ 3:35 am

  3. All i want to do right now is go home and throw away all my junk after looking at those gorgeous ‘junk free’ homes!!! Where’s all their crap????

    Comment by Jenny — November 5, 2009 @ 6:11 pm

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