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November 23, 2009

so pretty.

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This room reminded me of what I want the house to “feel like.”  the white floors and painted light paneling, the cow hide rug… our couch is similar… ahhh… relaxing 🙂  Speaking of cow hide rugs, I mentioned to my mother in law that i was looking for one and apparently she has one just rolled up in the storage room at their house and I am welcome to it!  woohoo for a free cow rug!  YES!


Progress Report!

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We’ve been making progress!  I have been too busy to post but wanted to give a quick update for you faithful followers 🙂  The paneling in the main living/dining/kitchen is painted!!! The trim is white, and the ceilings are halfway painted.  I cannot even describe how much better it looks after we painted the paneling.  If any of you are contemplating taking the leap and doing this….. DO IT!!!   This weekend we started the dreaded task of painting the ceilings white.  i thought they were just a tad dingy, but once we started painting them white, the difference was UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Here is a before of the kitchen/main living area, and an after that shows the walls and cabinets painted, and the beginnings of a white ceiling and trim.  You can see that the wood paneling is still there behind the stove.  that will be white subway tiles.  fun times!  at the end is a pic of the new drapes and fantastic floor pillow(s) i snagged from world market this weekend!

November 17, 2009

Living Room

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These are some thoughts for how i will decorate the living room.  It is very open to the kitchen, which has whitish quartz countertops and charcoal gray cabinets.  The walls are a pretty cool neutral (Benjamin Moore Moonshine), so most of my selections are very WARM.  Balancing cool and warm keep things from being too sterile or either too traditional.  we’ve all had overdose of khakki in the past several years, so using a gray-er wall paint is an attempt at making it feel more updated.  We have ALMOST finished painting this room, so i’ll get pics!  I’m pretty sure the floors will all be painted white for now.  this will give it a sort of gallery feel.  I’m excited!  We’ll eventually put some kind of floor down but the painting is something i need to get out of my system.  I cannot decide if I want a pattern painted or just a solid clean white.  Decisions, decisions!  I need to take some progress pics soon!  I seem to be live life covered in paint these days 🙂

November 10, 2009

oooh i almost forgot!

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my cabinet hardware came in from ikea!  it is AWESOME!!!  i love how dramatic it is because of the size.  they are like 14″ long and go nearly the whole length of the cabinets.  so fun!




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Well, We have been making some progress!  Here is what has happened…

I got in the tan/white fabric i ordered from calico corners!  it is gorgeous.  Now, I need to go buy a sewing machine b/c ole girl is about to teach herself how to sew!  I will do something really simple like these teal ones below and want to make a cornice board as well to match.

Priming is moving forward.  Let me tell you- every single surface in the house will need to be painted so it is a slow process.  I’m trying to do it right as i go and am caulking around all the doors and windows and along the trim.  TEEEEDIOUS!  It is looking messy but when the color (or not so much color but the “moonshine” starts going up its going to be fantastic!  I will need to replace the teeny 1″ crown moulding in the main living areas as well 🙂

I’m still sofa searching!  A post about this to follow…

I am DYING to buy these green and white curtains for the dining/kitchen/living  from anthropologie.  They are on sale!  what do you think??

green curtains

teal curtains

November 3, 2009

Nice article…

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Erica from Urban Grace Interiors was featured in this article and really did offer some helpful hints!  I really like Erica as a designer and was reminded of some great things in the article and a quick flipping through her portfolio.  My favorite of her tips are “A Well Dressed Bed” and “Well-Edited Spaces.”  Let me know your thoughts!  If you read well-edited spaces, be prepared to make a trip to goodwill 🙂  be warned…






November 2, 2009

Pics from the day!

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Taking out the carpet was really really a huge step b/c it bothered the heck out of me.  The funny thing is that the inch of dirt under the carpet is probably from Kyle as a little kid when he played in that room~  That kind of made it a little less gross!  haha.  I also tried out the “Kendall Charcoal” on the base cabinets and i love it!  It is a GREAT color.  The upper cabinets will probably be painted the wall color – “Moonshine.”

day one cpt

day one cabinets

Let there be paint!

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Day one of the renovation was Sunday!  Whew!  We did it!  We got started!!!  Mostly what I wanted to do was try out paint colors and decide on the main ones- exterior brick paint color, interior wall color (and trim) for the main room (kitchen/living/dining) and down the halls.  I also decided on a paint for the kitchen cabinets.  YAY!  A bonus for the day was Kyle stopping by on his way from playing in the woods and ripping out all of the pink carpet.  Such a relief!  Woohoo!  Here are the colors I selected (so far).

Paint colors


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