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December 17, 2009

Flooring Update

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I have been STRUGGLING to know what kind of floors to put in the house.  The back of the house has wonderful old cork floors that I want to keep.  The front formal living / dining had pink carpet… oh so beautiful 🙂  The kitchen, living, and basically the whole big main area was a REALLY bad vinyl tile.  This is the room i wanted to paint.  Well, upon further review, I have decided to put a dark wood laminate down in the whole front of the house… formal living/dining and kitchen/big room.  I feel so good after making the decision.  There are some good, bad and ugly things about wood vs wood laminate.  i have always been pretty hard core about the “integrity” of wood floors and that the laminates were knock offs.  i think that was spurred on by the fact that my house now has beautiful old original floors that are 60 years old!  In that house i would NEVER put down laminate.  In the new house, though, the laminate clearly was my best option.  Just for the record, wood is gorgeous and when it is old it is 1000 times more gorgeous.  The down side is that if you choose a dark color, you see scratches pretty badly.  This takes more maintenance… and then there is the refinishing and waxing, etc.  With the laminate you use a dry mop and you are good to go!  I LOVE wood, but for the amount of square footage i was buying, i decided to do laminate.  Ranch homes can take laminate way more easily than an Old Goodwood Cottage.  This dark wood will go into the kitchen as well b/c there is not a good place to transition, so another check int he laminate category!!  Oh… i opened an account with a big flooring dealer here and got the materials for $2.89/square foot!!  A sub-par version was at home depot for $3.75!  YAY!  Kyle and I are installing the floors so wish us luck!  I’ll take pics!


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