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January 28, 2010

My Inspiration…

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I’m daydreaming lately about the exterior of our home.  Its hot exactly “dreamy” now, so there is much to be done.  HOWEVER, i have high hopes!  This home is my inspiration.  I love the creamy painted brick, structured landscaping,and pretty much everything about it.  I, however, will still want my bright Mediterranean blue door!



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Kyle’s grandpa was a horticulturalist.  When they built the house, and during their time there, he put so much work into the yard at our house.  It has not been maintained, so part of our job in the next few years will be to get it back to a place where he would be super proud!  He had a special love for Camellias and the ones he planted are probably more than 20 feet tall.  There are about 6 LARGE camellia trees in the back yard and a couple in the front.  We have red, pink, dark pink, and white!  Sooo pretty!  I was worried about them b/c of our unseasonably cold weather here in Louisiana.  We had like 10 or 11 days in a row of hard freezes (first time since the 40’s), so basically everything in our yard is dead as a doornail- EXCEPT the camellias!  I went into the back yard last night and was really surprised by how many flowers had bloomed in what seemed like a day or two.  Here is a sampling… there are so many that I could fill our house with them every day and you would never be able to tell I had picked any.  These will most certainly be the backdrop for whatever landscaping we do.  Also, they are waaaaay too big for Harley and Bell to destroy 🙂

January 22, 2010

Special Delivery

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I have been back and forth all the time on what to call that front room that will function as a more formal (no tv) living room/hangout space with a 8 person dining table.  its sort of parlor, sort of formal dining, sort of formal living, kyle’s family always called it living room, …you get the picture!  for now, it will be the front room!  It was probably the worst room when we moved in, but it is starting to come around!  First thing we did was rip out the pink carpet.  Remember that???  I took down the mini-blinds and removed the screens from the windows and was SHOCKED at how much bigger the room looked and how much natural light came in!

Here is a before:

Here is the new sofa and chair!  I love love love the color.  It is sort of a paprika red/orange.  Not rust.  Its hard to describe.  It is more saturated than rust.  Sort of dead between orange and red.  I looove it.  The chair is big enough for me, kyle, harley and belle.  I got this from ZGallerie.  GREAT prices for the quality by the way.  The half painted wall color is “Chelsea Gray” by Benjamin Moore, and we will have the dark wood floors and black chandeliers.  I got curtains that are sort of a velvety/suede that match the wall color almost exactly and have a sheer stripe between them.

Notice the huge pile of construction materials in the background and the missing molding above the door frame.  Fun times are ahead!

January 20, 2010

Before and After – Bedroom

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I’m not 100% finished renovating and decorating the bedroom, but its close enough for some before/after shots!  It was very white and had fantabulous blue mini-blinds before.  I went back and forth searching for what style I wanted in there, but honestly, I just tried so hard and could NOT make it what I wanted.  I realized that it was because what i thought I “wanted” was just not ash and kyle.  I started out wanting very serene and clean and calm with all neutrals basically, and a spa-like vibe.  I am just not that way.  I want to be sometimes, but really, I am colorful and splashy and saturated!  So, thats what we have!  Lots of colors, a dark paint on the walls, which is what i really did want all along, and a mix of contemporary and traditional.  Most of our house is very light and bright and open, but i wanted the bedroom to be much darker- hence the chocolate walls.  The color, by the way, is “Bear Creek” and I forget the manufacturer but i’ll check it.  It reminds me of the western store/steak house in Greensburg, but much prettier i hope 🙂

Try and remember that when thinking about what you want your home to be… you may find all kinds of inspirational images in magazines and online, but the most important thing- BY FAR is to make your space a reflection of who you and your family are.  So, here you go:

Bye Bye Blue Mini-blinds!

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Hello bamboo shades and neutral curtains! This is the bedroom window. There is also a window on the adjacent wall. When the shades are up, we have a beautiful view to the soon-to-be-landscaped yard! Belle and Harley provide constant entertainment. Window treatments are difficult… I may do a whole blog about them.

January 19, 2010

Never Late Again

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This is a clock made by chiasso. Love love love it! You can spread the numbers as far apart as you want. It also arrived mysteriously on my doorstep today! Perfect solution for a big blank wall. Great above a fireplace too!

January 18, 2010

Another Great Mail Day!

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Our new rug and quilt for the bedroom! Both from anthro!

January 12, 2010

Accessories… The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Pt. 1)

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Does anyone feel completely overwhelmed when thinking about how to accessorize your home??  This is probably one of the most intimidating things for most homeowners.  I get call after call and question after question such as “What is missing?”  and “I am starting to hate my living room but cant afford to buy new furniture.”  I’m sure alot of you can understand!  The answer… neatly placed, selected, and edited accessories!  This would include pillows, art, vases, bowls, books, framed pictures… the list goes on and on.  Really, this is the “decor” of the room. We will start with some common mistakes and then move on to some helpful tips!


1.  Too Much Clutter. TOOOOOOO much clutter.  Clutter is a bad thing and “too much” is a bad thing, so combined, we gotta problemo.  A fixable one, that is!  If you have problems with clutter, it is probably a good idea to get rid of half of what you have… goodwill, etc.  Some is trash (old magazines, etc.) and some is donatable.  First of all throw away anything you can throw away (recycle if you can), and bring a big box (or 3 or 4) to Goodwill.  Once you get rid of the extras it is just alot easier to place accessories.

2.  Too many throw pillows can certainly affect your life in a bad way.  It is such a pain to get them all straight isnt it???  There is really only one thing about our house that Kyle hates and that is that i have a tendency to have waaaaayyyy too many throw pillows.  In fact, it is a running joke that he’ll find like BAGS of old ones in the attic that i’m saving and just dead set on putting back out eventually.  He won this battle and i got rid of them all.  He was RIGHT!!  they complicated things!  They made the couch look messy, and the bed making took longer (not that we make our bed very often).  Haha.  I love that Kyle taught me an important lesson of interior design.  On the bed, i say limit it to one or two.  On the couch, maybe one on each end and if you are feeling really ambitious, maybe 2 on one end and 1 on the other.  Old ones are certainly something to look at decide if they are just too old and if you cut them open would you be disgusted with what you find.  Throw that junk out!  Your allergies will thank you!

This pic is a nice example of throw pillows accenting the space rather than being out of control:

3.  Too many family pics.  This one is touchy and I totally understand that… It is rough.  I LOVE when people have tons of pics of their family displayed in their houses.  I am different than most interior designers b/c i like this.  HOW you display them is where I will offer some tips!  The down side of havign a bunch of framed pics out is that they gather dust and usually are so spread around the house that no one actually looks at them.  I like when people put them in large groups together so that you can stand and look at a bunch at one time!  It is just like a little glimpse into who they are (as is your whole house!).  Consider gathering all the frames you have lying around and putting them on the bar in the kitchen and really just thinking about which ones you want people to see.  Pick several of your favorites and place them accordingly… maybe a family pic on your dressing table?  Take the rest that you like and buy some of those inexpensive black and white frames (either with multiple openings or not) from target and consolidate your pics into several LARGE frames and put them all together somewhere.  Most of us have a large wall that would work for this.  Its great… I like having them in a hallway just b/c it is gallery-esque.  Here are two examples… one being more traditional and one more contemporary (although it is album covers, the same principle applies).

…to be continued.

January 11, 2010

Great Day of Mail

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My mailbox and sassy stainless planter came in today! I have stainless house numbers that need to be located in the mass of boxes! All from Chiasso

Let the Cooking Begin!

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Today the installers brought and hooked up our range! What will I cook first?? Um…..

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