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February 27, 2010

Wood Floors

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Today I took up all the shoe molding and tomorrow… Wood floors!!!! Pics to follow.


February 18, 2010


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The countertops are in! I love the white quartz. I’m in the airport and limited to my iPhone so I’ll have to write more later. Ignore the ugly torn up backsplash! I had to take a pic of the plumber bc he worked so hard getting all the sink/faucet/garbage disposal working and not leaking. Thank the good lord he had on overalls so there was no crack attack!

My favorite thing so far is how clean and open it is around the sink/faucet. So easy to wipe down! The little silver button is the garbage disposal control rather than a wall switch.

February 9, 2010

A Few More Updates

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1.  I absolutely love the new couch and chair from ZGallerie.  Absolutely love them.  They are perfect.  The color, the comfort, the texture of the fabric, the scale for the room, etc.  I love them!!  The room is still a wreck, but I go in there almost every morning with my coffee and read in that chair.  It is the perfect chair in which to just be still.  It is great!

2.  The fence has been keeping Harley in.  Well, it keeps Belle in too but that is really not a very hard job!  Harley has broken out of the yard 2 times only.  This is opposed to almost every day at that old house!  🙂  Whew!  He did, however get picked up by wildlife and fisheries this week.  He convinced Belle to sneak out and try to get to Miami, and they only made it about 2 miles or so down the road and hopefully didnt get smashed on the street!

3.  The neighborhood has welcomed us and been so friendly!  Most remember Kyle from his time there so they have been extra friendly.  I walk a good bit and the proportions are roughly 1 car to every 6 runners/walkers!  It is ridiculous how active these people are!  If you live in BR, we need to get together a walking/running group!  There are so many in our neighborhood.

4.  After a month of not doing laundry, we have a new washer and dryer!!!  This may seem like a little thing but it makes me so happy!  The washer does not have that center agitator/column thing, so you can put huge things in there to wash such as rugs and bedspreads!  I do half the number of loads of laundry b/c the capacity is great.  The dryer is a gas one, which is new to us, but I love it!

5.  I have cooked my brains out on that new range!  I love it love it love it!!  I have just been totally overjoyed by it so far!

6.  I love the water pressure!  It is strong enough to take the skin off a cat but its GREAT!  We still are working on the not running out of hot water thing!  Totally not a huge deal.

7.  I finished reading “A Homemade Life” and highly recommend it!

8.  I discovered Cox on Demand.  What the HECK??  How have I missed this?

9.  Lost is back and as awesome as I had hope!

10.  I will be traveling alot in the next couple of weeks, so the posting may be slow but hopefully I will find LOTS of inspiring things while I am on the road!  Camera will be in tow.  I’m going to Carson Newman University and UT Chatanooga for work, and Kyle and I are going to Mexico for a missions trip!  Fun times!

New Countertops!

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Friday morning the new countertops are being installed!  woohoo!!!!!  Kyle and I may have gotten a little too big for our britches but we are planning on demo-ing the existing countertops ourselves and disconnecting the existing sink.  So… wish us luck!  I will post pics!

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