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March 30, 2010

Open to Suggestions…

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Are there any specific things that you would like to see featured on this blog?  I am open to suggestions!  I want it to be about more than just our renovation, although I’m sure the renovation will still be a big driving force in everything here since it has a tendency to consume my life at times 🙂

Decorating tips?

Good deals and sales on home decor items?

Common mistakes in decorating and interior design?

Accessories and the mysteries that surround selecting them?

Holiday decor?

Personal fun stories and horror stories regarding the renovation and life as a designer?

What is coming around the corner as far as trends in interior design?

Entertaining with style?

Color theory, the psychological affects of color on our senses, etc?

Inexpensive do-it-yourself ideas?

Inspirational photos of fab rooms and homes?

Those are just some ideas I have, so let me know if any of them peak your interest!!  I have so much fun with Ranch Dressings, and always want to make sure it is filled with things that the readers enjoy!


Movin’ Outside!

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This weekend I am going to attempt to start painting the outside of the house.  As of now, it is a horendous peachy orange brick.  I am going to paint it a real creamy neutral.  Sort of off-white, and will be getting shutters and painting them a little darker tan-ish color, and of course we’ll probably have some dramatic bright blue door.  I have contemporary stainless house numbers and the stainless mailbox, so hopefully i’ll end up with clean/simple/updated!

I’ll take pictures all along the way.  Speaking of pictures, I am going to get a new camera so you dont have to live with these iphone mobile uploads anymore!  This week I got these delivered from world market!  I love Adirondack chairs, and I love  yellow!  They are adorable, especially on the cluttered back porch with table saws, construction materials, and one big fat mess 🙂  not for long though!

March 29, 2010

accessories are in place!

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We had a busy weekend, but managed to pressure wash half of the outside of the house – TO GET READY FOR PAINT!!!  I plan on starting painting the brick this Friday since I am off of work.  Also, I made a trip to Zgallerie to grab a few last minute accessories to complement the painting and orange/red sofa.  Basically, I’ve been totally stuck on what to put on either side of the sofa.  End tables are all too short b/c of the sofa arms being so high.  Lamps were my other thought, but i thought the room may have too many light sources considering i have 2 8 light chandeliers and a pharmacy lamp will be going by the chair and then a little lamp on the desk.  So… lamps were ruled out in favor of these big huge white vases with bamboo!  I love them.

They really make sense with the white coffee table, but arent cliche’ or matchy matchy.

Bromeliads are my favorite indoor plant for the center of a table.  How nice that they are usually orange and green- my color scheme!  I got the bowl as a wedding gift, and love it dearly.

Kyle had fun pressure washing the front porch with his little “Ash ❤ Kyle” hehe.  PS. it is still there, and im sure at some point this weekend i’ll be re-washing it but it was a funny surprise!

March 24, 2010

Mother’s Day Paintings

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Fits like a GLOVE!

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March 23, 2010

God’s Little Gift to Us Every Autumn

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I ran over to Lori’s house to see the painting at lunch and was reminded of how God gives us that beautiful color every fall- just like a gift!!  This painting is a documentation of His Gift!  …a reminder of Him sustaining us through life’s changes.  The change that happens in the lives of those trees is such a beautiful display of that.  Beauty LITERALLY comes out of the leaves death- to the point of people from all over the planet booking flights every fall and charting the “color” as it crawls south from Maine down into Connecticut.

Kyle and I were in New Hampshire when we took the picture that Lori used as inspiration.  We were specifically on the Kancamagus Scenic Byway.  The day was overcast and very cold, but the warmth of those reds, oranges, and yellows was enough to offset that by far!  WHAT BETTER WAY to remember that trip than to have this hanging above my fancy paprika red ZGallerie sofa??  No better way!

If you are interested in having one of these commissioned for your home – either to commemorate a special trip or just to add a bold splash of color to a room, please feel free to email me and I’ll let you know how the pricing works.  This one is about 5′ wide and 3′ tall, but she does lots of smaller work as well- if you aren’t able to afford a really huge one, consider that.  I see the artist every day at work and we at least talk 100 times every week 🙂  She is one of my favorite people in the world- by far.  So not only is the painting a reminder of New England, it is a reminder of our friendship- and how it helps sustain me on even the most stressful work days!  THANKS LORI!!!  So… drumroll….

This is Lori on the left in Super Mom Mode at my wedding!

Here she is with her beautiful daughter, Brooke.

backsplash update

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i decided.  i did.  im not turning back!  i’m going with a marble tile backsplash.  the tiles are 2″x8″ so i’ll get more of a modern look than a traditional/standard 3×6 subway tile.  i’m very excited!  here is a pic of the one i’m ordering.


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I was given a GREAT surprise when i walked into work this morning!!  Lori was standing at the coffee pot and told me my painting is FINISHED!!  I knew she was working on it, but i still got so excited to hear that it was ready!  Woohoo!  She is putting a final coat of varnish on it tonight and maybe another in the morning and I can pick it up tomorrow night.  Oh. My. Gosh!  I’m so excited.  Seriously, nothing has ever spoken to my heart like the leaves in New England and to have a painting with the colors pulled straight out of that is just exciting me beyond control!  Lori is such a talented artist/architect/super mom/friend, and this is all turning out to be really really really exciting for me 🙂  Can you tell???

Expect pictures tomorrow!  This is the pic i gave her for color inspiration.  Its an abstract, so expect it to be pretty wild and amazing.

March 18, 2010

Decisions Decisions Decisions

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I have really been going back and forth on this back splash situation!  I go from super simple white subway tiles to super fun hexagon craziness to discontinued to something totally over the top.  Yesterday I have a “come to jesus” meeting with myself about the back splash.  Well, not really, but I did think a lot about it throughout the day.  I have always loved Carrara marble, and really am leaning toward that for a back splash.  The colors in the veining (think Michaelangelo’s statue of David) are made for the kitchen.  That subtle charcoal with the crisp white.  I do not think I’m up for spending the money to get an actual slab back splash, so I would do some kind of a marble tile.  It is available in any shape you can imagine.  Marble is timeless, classic, refined, clean,  and perfect!  I am not a fan of having marble as the actual countertop bc of durability, but on the back splash it will be fine.  So… here are some pics of marble I love:

March 17, 2010

backsplash? decision decisions!

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I have gone back and forth a THOUSAND times on the backsplash for the kitchen.  I brought this sample home yesterday and loved it.  What do you think??  The photo quality is horendous, but maybe you can see it.  It is alot “warmer” than the cabinets as far as its neutrality, but i think its nice with the velvety charcoal cabinets, even though its more tan-ish.  The backsplash is a semi-permanent decision, in that i dont plan on ripping it out and replacing it!  The finish is a “crackle” finish and the color is called “suede.”  Walker Zanger is a company that has FANTASTIC fancy tiles, so if you are in the market,  (ignore the trashy ball of foil and dishes!  haha)

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