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April 1, 2010

Tips on using the color BLACK in you home.

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“Use the color black to convey elegance, sophistication, or perhaps a touch of mystery. Dark charcoal gray and very dark brown can sometimes stand in for black.” -unknown
We all think about black as a classic, wonderful thing, but not always as a “color” per se.  I have grown to absolutely LOVE black as a color, and wanted to do a post to point out some of the reasons behind its awesome-ness.  The little black dress, the black tie, the black and white cookie, oreos, black cars, the bat mobile and batman’s suit (who doesnt love the bat mobile??), black lined eyes, black suits, black and white photography… you get the point!
Translating this to interiors can be a little intimidating.  It is just not something we are really used to, if that makes sense.  When used correctly, black has a very powerful way of making a room feel more complete.  It can serve as an anchor.  Here are some images that show that and then we will move on to some helpful tips!
Tips for using black in your home:
Do not be afraid!  Do not be afraid to paint a big wall black- maybe even chalkboard paint?  It is a very bold, yet classic color, so there is nothing to be afraid of.
Doors love being black.
Make sure that you have some lighter colors in the room to make the black really work- not necessarily “bright” but “light.”
Do not paint your ceiling black unless you are really really brave, or want to create a cave.
If you are painting furniture, use a semi-gloss or gloss, but if you are painting walls, do a matte or eggshell finish.  Doors should be semi-gloss or gloss.
I would usually advise against black trim.  It is just really not fun if you change your mind!
Black accessories make shelves come alive!  (as do white!)
Have fun with it- just like the litle black dress, black will never go out of style as an interior color.

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  1. I really like black, which is so weird because I never thought I would be a black fan! However, my bedroom is one of my favorite rooms, and it’s mainly black and white with a splash of blue! It just feels clean and calm yet bold and classic! Not that my decorating of that room is anything classic or well-done… It’s all the colors, which I’m still not sure how I managed to put together! 😉

    Comment by Erin — April 1, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

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