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April 7, 2010

Sleepless in the Ranch

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So I have poison ivy. I never remember having this before but my gosh it’s been horendous! Maybe I got it in our yard? A better guess is that I got it in the park at our church Easter egg hunt helping Vianne find the GOLDEN egg!!! (as a very loving aunt I can say it was not worth it!!). That being said, I’m wide awake at 4am and have been since 2am. Thanks steroids!!! You little pills have almost completely gotten rid of this junk and being wide awake is totally worth it!!!

I have had alot of house thought lately (as usual) and wanted to share a few.

1. Backsplash. I realized I love the actual marble way more than the pattern of the tiles. So… Probably going to do large marble tiles (12×12) and install with a very tight joint and matching grout to make it more of a slab look. The tiles are 1/4 the cost of the slab so I’m feeling good about that.

2. We have set up a little office area with a great little metal desk and file cabinet from and this has been so great! Kyle works and reads alot from home, as do I, and now we don’t have to do that at the dining table! Computer has a home 🙂

3. The outside paint makes me happy daily. The thought of only being 1/4 finished does not, however I will be finished eventually!

4. Other outside thoughts are that I love the yellow adairondak chairs! We sat out there tonight until dark and plotted how we are going to stop Belle and Harley from digging huge holes all around the back patio- the advice from my father in law vet is to burry their poo there! Uh! Seriously. So, let the fun begin! That may be a gas mask job. If it works, I’ll do it! Haha. Yes, this is ridiculous and true.

5. I have selected new exterior lights- a wall sconce at each of the three entries. I also chose some cute little brushed nickel motion sensor lights that will also add a nice little security feature! All exterior accessories are in the brushed nickel/ stainless family.

6. I’m on the hunt for the perfect front door. It’s one of the hardest things to find! I want one with glass in it and something contemporary and simple- leaning toward a dark wood stain rather than paint as of now… don’t know why! I found one I love that can only be ordered and shipped from the UK and one from California that costs $6500. Haha. Nope! Maybe I’ll see about having someone here build one for me.

7. I love Kyle so much and could never undertake something like this without him constantly bringing me back to earth and making me rest and laugh. He just is simple and content and that’s contagious (more than poison ivy). I have that as a perfect balance to my “I gotta get it all finished now” ness! The whole experience has been fun & so much of that is bc he is just fun and easy going about it all. Just a little shout out to my husband!!!

More pics soon…



  1. So sorry about the sleeplessness due to the steriods. Glad the poison ivy is going away though. Excited about all the house updates and can’t wait to see it all in person hopefully soon!

    Comment by Michelle — April 7, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

  2. Ash, so sorry to hear about the poison ivy. My brother has had it for like a month now and it is finally going away after multiple treatments/peals..yuck. So I am glad yours is going away sooner rather than later.
    Just loved this post. (As I like most of them) But this one was especially nice with your comments on Kyle. Makes me think of my Danny and how he keeps things light and in perspective. So happy for you both and would love to see your place once you get to a spot you are ready to show off all of your hard work. I feel like I am doing it with you, figurativly of course hehe. Your just one of the neatest people I know girl. Thanks for sharing your world with “us”.

    Comment by Kelly — April 10, 2010 @ 4:56 pm

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