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April 8, 2010

Beautiful Eye Candy for Home Landscaping

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I have never seen such beautiful, contemporary, clean landscaping in all my life!  How beautiful are these images???  It is very hard to find landscaping images and ideas that go well with the ranch style.  In the south we are much more accustomed to the cottage style landscaping that really is sort of a hodge podge of everything all in the same beds.  I actually love cottage landscaping, but for our new home, it is not exactly the best way to accent the cool things about a ranch.  Anyway, I was drooling over these pics and had to share.  For our house, we want to really utilize the outdoors.  We are both very outdoorsy people, and as of now, it is just pretty bad.  Thankfully, Kyle’s grandfather planted some beautiful camelia trees that will definitely be remaining for multiple reasons- 2 being their beauty and the fact that his grandfather planted them!  This will be a process- even more so than the inside just becuase of how long it takes and how long plants take to be established and settled in.

These images sum up what I love about the outdoors- such a great mix of landscaping and hardscaping, such a great blend of being outside yet still being in a “room” and just a nice place for Belle and Harley to live and not be able to destroy because so much of it is rock.  Ha!  Both Kyle and I really like pavers that have grass or some kind of ground cover growing between them.  Many ground covers do not grow tall enough to ever need mowing, but still soften the edges of the concrete squares.  I’m sure some of those will find their way into our landscaping plans!  I also love gravel and the “zen” feel that it gives to a landscape.  It is also great for pets as well as for cutting down on dust and mowing.  I am still on the fringes of knowing and planning the landscaping, but these are images I’m sure I will come back to regularly!

All of the images and designs are by Spirit Level Designs in Australia.  Of course its Australia- Australians have the BEST style!!


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  1. I love the outdoor sunken fire pit. Very nice! Figures they’re all in Australia. Have you seen that new show on HGTV “Outdoor Room”? The host is Jamie Durie(sp?) or something like that and he’s from Australia and is a landscape designer and photographer. He’s done some really nice landscapes in yards here in the US, taking inspiration from different trips and architecture across the country. It’s really interesting.

    Comment by Michelle — April 8, 2010 @ 10:26 pm

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