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April 19, 2010

Painting Continues

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Friday after work I rushed home because I was bound and determined to finish painting the wood siding under our carport.  The way our house is situated, you see this A LOT- even more than the front of the house for visitors.  It has been half painted for 2 weeks.  Originally this wood siding was mint green (yep) but thankfully Kyle’s mother got so sick of seeing that when she stopped by the house that she got someone to paint it white.  The white was not offensive but it really just stood out a lot for some reason!  Aside from showing every single spider web and every piece of dirt, it just looked really really bright under the carport and drew attention.  The color I am using is Benjamin Moore “Texas Leather” as seen in a previous post.  I am going to replace both the front door and this side door with a dark wood door with a large window to have some transparency, but for now I just painted it to match the wall and frame so that it would look cohesive and clean.  I still have my Saints wreath on the door!  Cant get the Southern Living wreaths out of me- even though I like pretty modern things- i love me a wreath!

Now on to the front of the house.  My friend, Erin made a comment that I should put a picture of our door mat on the blog because she loved that it was more of a rug than a door mat!  I bought this from World Market, and it is an outdoor rug.  I love it more than I would have loved a door mat for the front door.

As you can see in the pic above, the door is pretty ratty and black.  You can also see the old storm door frame that is there without its matching door!  i took that off (thanks for the help kyle b/c all the screws were stripped!) and paint both the door and the frame “Texas Leather.”  It looks WAYYYYYYY better and will hold me over until we get the wood one.  Notice our cute little house numbers!  I smudged out the first and last so that I do not have any internet stalkers showing up on the door step or random blog stalker drive-by’s 🙂  The mailbox is GREAT and I just got a little inexpensive stainless light fixture from Lowes.


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  1. Still loving that rug!!!

    It seriously looks great, Ash! The colors, the clean lines, and the fun plants definitely create a warm and inviting look! Great job!!!

    Comment by Erin — April 19, 2010 @ 7:52 pm

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