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April 30, 2010

A day for JOY (and an announcement)!

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My friend, Amanda, a very talented photographer and web guru, helped me walk through the steps of setting up a new website.  This will be an interior design blog that is not just about the renovation.  Ranch Dressings will still be going strong but will be connected to a larger website that is all about interior design!  This is exciting for me because I have struggled about where to put all the fun things I come across and want to share.  I’ll be announcing the website address soon!  We are also getting a new home computer so look forward to better images, easier navigation, and more frequent posts!

On an unrelated note, this would have been my little sister Joy’s 30th birthday!  Her life was nothing but a celebration of love and friendship and fun, so I hope you are able to do some of that today in her honor.  Nothing would make me happier!  Her self-proclaimed life moto was “LIVE! LOVE! LAUGH!” (even with the exclamation points!), so try and do some of each of the three today.  A friend of mine send me a basket of goodies to work today!  She had no idea what the occasion was, but just did it as a random act of love.  She made all of these jellies and relishes herself!  My favorite is the kiwi preserves because believe it or not- kiwi was Joy’s favorite thing in the world!


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